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Whether you need an Ottawa area home builder to build your dream home from the ground up or you’re seeking a remodeling contractor to turn your existing home into your dream home, CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD can make your dream a reality. Beyond the big build or remodel, CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD also offers handyman services should you have small or big items to repair around the house.

If a bigger scale project is what you are looking to inquire about, plans from a designer and/or architect are required for CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD to effectively budget your proposed project. At this time, we do not offer in house engineering/architect/design but we can refer you to our preferred professionals should you choose the traditional general contracting approach. We will partner and work closely with you to find design solutions and create proper drawings to ensure that the construction will be on time and on budget while reflecting your needs and vision.

If you do not have a design professional handy, CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD can offer you the design build delivery, similar to what we offer our commercial clients, where we will select our preferred design professional and take care of everything from the design/permit phase to the job delivery. This allows you to relax knowing you have one firm and one point of contact that will be assisting and guiding you throughout this process.

Whichever delivery you choose, at CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD we take pride in our superior project management and excellent craftsmanship that ensures we finish every project on time and on budget with the highest level of quality.

Our process for
larger projects

Please send an email to with a brief description of the work you are looking to get done. Our team will review your request within 3 business days and contact you to discuss further.

Should our telephone/email discussion lead us to this step based on the scope of work, budget, location, etc., CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD will perform a site visit to determine and confirm that our firm will take on your project.

Whether you choose the traditional general contracting delivery or design build delivery, plans are required for CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD to accurately budget your project.

With the plans drafted, depending on the size of the scope of work, CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD typically aims to provide you with a precise estimate/scope of work reflecting your proposed budget within 5-10 business days.

Once our scope of work and estimate is completed, a member of our team will organize a meeting with you to go over the estimate and the scope of work.

This step is entirely up to you to decide if you move forward or not with the project.

If an agreement to proceed is reached, we will present to you a formal contract and a deposit will be required to move to the permit phase.

CENTAUR ENTERPRISES LTD will coordinate with the architects/engineers to initiate the permit application process.

Upon receiving the permits, we will have an introductory meeting with our selected construction workers and sub trades on site. We will go through the proposed scope of work with them prior to any construction starting. Prior to starting construction, we will also provide and install proper safety signage and measures.

Building phase and delivery of your project as per the desired scope of work, budget and plans/drawings.